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Issued from 2014.

Number 1. (in 1 part) December 16, 2014

Articles and Statements

1. Erik K. Arutyunov, Natalya V. Lebedeva
An Analysis of the Legal Regulation of Offer and Acceptance By the American and Russian Law in Entering into an International Sale and Purchase Agreement

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 44-50.

This article addresses conducting analysis in the process of legal regulation in entering into an international sale and purchase agreement by the American law in cases when an agreement is concluded via the exchange of an offer and an acceptance. The article is also aimed at identifying the major differences in legal regulation by the Russian and American law. The author examines the process of concluding an international sale and purchase agreement via the exchange of an offer and an acceptance. The author’s analysis indicates that from the standpoint of the American law an offer must be so definite as to enable the court to determine the real intentions of the parties.

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2. Pavel Biriukov
To the Issue of Legal Persons` Criminal Liability in Monaco

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 51-61.

The article deals with the aspects of legal persons` liability in Monaco. The author outlines contemporary criminal legislation of Monaco. The main attention is given to the description of existing types of legal persons and to the order of legal persons state registration.

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3. Igor Yu. Kurin
The General Liability of Legitimate and Illegitimate Owners of Means of Transportation for Inflicting Damage

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 62-66.

This article addresses the issue of determining the proper parties in a tort liability case arising as a result of inflicting harm. The author examines problematic issues related to the liability of legitimate and illegitimate owners of transport vehicles. In conclusion, the author notes that the use of such an evaluative concept as gross negligence as a requirement in determining the size of redress awarded to the victim does not testify to the indefiniteness of the content of this rule, for the diversity of circumstances that allow for the possibility of reducing the size of redress or denying the claim makes it impossible to establish their exhaustive list within the law, while the legislator’s use of such an evaluative characteristic pursues the goal of the effective application of the rule to an unlimited number of specific legal situations.

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4. Galina A. Magdesyan
To the Issue of the Peculiarities of the Undegrage Parents` Legal Status

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 67-71.

The article discusses the rights and responsibilities of persons who became parents before their adulthood, the influence of parental status on their own rights of underage parents as their children. The article examines the peculiarities of the implementation of the parents` non-property and property of parental rights and responsibilities. In addition, the article shows the particular qualities of the appointment of the guardian to underage parents`children and the establishing of parental rights on minor parents.

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5. Temur N. Vorobev, Nadezhda S. Levina
Problematic Aspects of the Procedural Status of Public Prosecutors in Civil Proceedings

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 72-76.

This article addresses the specifics of the procedural status of public prosecutors in civil proceedings. The author puts forth proposals for enhancing legislation in terms of the legal status of public prosecutors. In conclusion, the author proposes adding to existing civil legislation a procedural rule that reflects the status of public prosecutors as representatives of the state, defining the ambit of their rights and obligations compared with that of other participants in civil legal proceedings, as well as bringing the provisions of law concerning the legal status of public prosecutors in civil legal proceedings in line with the procedural rules of law.

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6. Natal'ya A. Vorobeva, Armine A. Torosyan
Topical Issues Related to Spreading the Criminal Legislation of the Russian Federation across the Territory of Crimea and Sevastopol

Zhurnal grazhdanskogo i ugolovnogo prava, 2014, Vol. (2), № 2, pp. 77-80.

This article addresses topical issues related to the formation in Crimea of the Russian legal system in the area of combating crime following the passage of the Federal Law “On Ratifying the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea on Accepting the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation and Forming New Constituents within the Russian Federation”, as well as the possibility of reconsidering criminal cases if Russian sanctions on them are milder than Ukrainian ones.

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